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For years, since the union has been working, it was the members, being at home in the field of the Information Technology, most ardent wish to publish a website dealing with the questions of espescially agricultural aviation which can be used, read, edited by the inner membership. The long and short of it they can obtain all the information in profession, technology and other interest.
During the professional training in 2005 several lecturers asseverated the fact that beyond the official leadership there are hardly any intitutions who have the proper information about the agricultural aviation, its real capacity and its role in the production.
We really want to cut this shortage to open this website for the inquirers.
We know that to fulfil our ambition is not an easy task. Our website can be interesting and colourful only by up-dated information. Consenquently I ask all the colleagues who have anything to say, any other remarks or comments to report or any information in connection with the agricultural aviation, get in touch with the union to be able to create our website more and more vivid and lively.
We open our website then and wish our every reader to enjoy the time and the information there.
Dr Szász Árpád




Hungarian Association for Agricultural Air Operators
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